Bharat Bhargava, Purdue University, visits SAMOVAR

Professor Bharat Bhargava, from  Purdue University, visits SAMOVAR from  May 23 to 27  2011.

He  gives a tutorial may 25 at  9h30 upon  ” Security in Cloud Systems

Seminar on Simulation Methodology

Prof. Monique Becker will deliver a talk on “Simulation Methodology” on 31st March,2011 at 14:00 at Telecom SudParis.

Ashish Gupta

New PhD openings at Telecom-SudParis

Institut Telecom partnering IIT Rajasthan

Institut Telecom is  planning a center of excellence in ICT with Alcatel Lucent and with INRIA in IIT Rajasthan.

An indo-french workshop will be organised in Jodpur in september 2010, to start the process.

CNRS-SAMOVAR Research-groups@Telecom SudParis

The Research lab CNRS-SAMOVAR (UMR 5157) at TELECOM  SudParis  is comprised of researchers working in the several domains.

Under the direction of Monique BECKER and adjoint director Jean-Pierre DELMAS, the lab is organised in four teams.

  • ARMOR (ARchitecture et MOdélisation de Réseaux) : Network Architecture and Modelisation.
  • AVERSE (Administration, Validation et sEcurité des Réseaux et SErvices), Administartion ,Validation and security of network services
  • TIPIC (Traitement d’Information pour Images et Communications) : Information processing for Images and communications.
  • ACMES (Adaptation au Contexte : MiddlewarE et Sémantique) : Adaptatation context, middleware, sematics, etc.

These groups can be reached @:-

Internship: Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithms in Sensor Networks.


Developments in the wireless technologies are opening up new application avenues in the automation of traditionally labour intensive work. With the infinite number of small and cheap devices available today, the question remains, how should they communicate in an effective manner? In fact, not only it is important that these devices should communicate in an efficient manner but also independent and irrespective of any fixed infrastructure. Nevertheless, sensor networks are different from simple ad hoc networks, as sensor networks are designed for much longer life time frame. Eventually, data collected by each device should be communicated to the Base Station which might be fixed or mobile.

Role & Scope

Wireless sensor network research has entered a phase, where real time experiences are quite significant. This internship proposes to investigate performance issues in sensor networks with parameters such as data rate, topology, transmission power, etc.

  • An intern will use sensor nodes to conduct experiments and record measurements
  • Evaluation of Implicit and Explicit acknowledgements for routing Algorithms.
  • Performance of CSMA-CA in the dense sensor network.
  • Duration 3-6 months.
  • Keywords:- Zigbee Sensor Nodes, IEEE 802.15.4


  • Candidate should have majors in Computer Science.
  • C, Java, UNIX (intermediate), knowledge of CSMA is plus.
  • Candidate should be autonomous and be able to carryout its work independently.
  • To successfully complete the internship, candidate must submit its report within 2 weeks of ending the internship period.

This project presents an opportunity for a student to understand real time issues and problems while deploying sensor/ ad hoc networks.


400 euros per month + Accommodation in student hostel.


Candidate must arrange for its travel to France and should take care of its other Visa related expenses.

Visa must be asked for, at least two months in advance.

For further details, contact

Ashish GUPTA

PhD student, Department RST

Apply to:

Prof. Monique BECKER                                                    Dr. Michel MAROT (HDR)

Director Lab SAMOVAR                                                 Associate Professor, Department RST

The work will be realised in CNRS lab: SAMOVAR  UMR5157 and is sponsored by ANR.


Apart from the studies, there are various ways to enjoy one’s life at Telecom sudparis. Proximity to Paris allows students to visit and entertain themselves. There are various clubs and activities going on the campus itself, like the regular Thursday parties, sporting and music associations and many other different events that one can engage in.


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